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a space dedicated to the love of the land, ancestors, & animal human connection. We offer honor & humility to the ways of the past. We claim & humbly seek a more sovereign approach to our ecosystem relationship with horses & earth.


An enchanting space dedicated to the rekindling of our inner magic & intuitive gifts. Where our power is reclaimed; be we animal, land or human. The greater lessons & wisdom imparted by our nature allies is the encompassing alchemy we breathe & live as sovereign, sentient Beings.


Wild returns & is restored here. We educate ourselves & are curiously guided by our prey & predator self. The sound or silence of nature brings a new rhythm for our Wild to take their rightful place. Our domestic self removes all shame & wild is no longer persecuted for the illusioned sake of hierarchical control

Bring them all together & the alchemy takes root & spreads like wildlife, mycelium, spring migration to the vast corners of the Cosmos.


From spell bound jewelry, podcast, community merchandise, retreats, gatherings, group healings & more this collective energy calls upon All ready & willing to stand up for themselves & all Beings great & small to unite & grace our essence with Prism so powerful you'll never forget or question who you are.


We are all goddesses here.

Queens in our own regard.

Let us own it & wear crowns to shine our light, magic, essence & power a little more boldly.

Spell Bands are unique, one of kind, intentional creations designed with crystals, flora & fauna elements & deerskin leather to support you in deeper access of your Goddess/Queen self. Wear them well & wear them often. "Kinetic Altars" allow you to bring your deepest connections to magic, earth & self with you everywhere. These crowns are for all to dawn as they please. 

I've always loved fashion & the arts, but never allowed myself to embrace this side to be expressed to the world. Well these Spell Bands are a step into my love for fashion & creative expression.

At their core, these Spell Bands support us all in sharing & accepting all aspects of ourselves to be seen, witnessed and loved. 




When I got sick & couldn't make antler jewelry anymore I still needed a creative outlet. They say art is healing & I stand by that statement.

When I began to play with natural dyes & wild rags the feminine energy that was able to flow through me was so potent & powerful in what I needed to support my body physically; while still being creative.

You see antler art has a deep masculine energy at its core. The skills necessary for crafting antler jewelry require strength, precision, grit, & a lot of patience. I wasn't available to connect with antler that way while my body has been healing.


The natural dyed wild rags offered me the space to Be as I was with them. No need to change or alter my state, just be as I am.

Pretty profound for a piece of silk right?

Then by choreographing the addition of the cyanotype onto the wild rags once they're dyed offered such a reflection of transformation & metamorphosis.

The only constant in our lives is change. Even when we find ourselves in a space we may not enjoy or are struggling to move past, transformation is always on the horizon.

Cyanotype holds that energy within these one of a kind pieces.  


We hold within us as humans incarnate a unique blend of prey & predator.

Not exclusively one or the other. When it comes to re-wilding or returning wild I invite you to look beyond feminine & masculine energies.

Go deeper.

Prey & Predator as animal offer us a window to the depths of ourselves beyond human, beyond seen & unseen, & create a space in which we can acknowledge our duality, ecosystem, one nature of self & of the cosmos. 

Prey & Predator is not innately human, but innately animal. We human also, are innate animal (where Wild resides.)

So there is no need to fear these words from a human setting. Again, invite yourself to meet with the Wolf, the Horse, the Golden Eagle, Snake & seek their wisdom.

Learn the ways in which they maneuver their worlds & are they applicable, healing, inspiring, or transformational to you? 

Are you ready to return to your Wild?

The space in which you exist as all Wolf, Horse, Human, Earth and beyond.....humbly restoring our awareness to an ecosystem way of being. Taking the leap off of our hierarchal conditioned ways & blessing the reciprocity we engage when we answer the call of Prey & Predator; of Wild.  



branded merchandise

Wear the magic & drink with it too.

Enjoy the enchanting branding of Ellen Walker Design on apparel, accessories & drinkware.

All are high quality products drop shipped from Printful. 


How A little Western. A little Witchy. A lot a Wild. Came to be...

Late Winter of 2022. I was walking out to the horses one afternoon & out of nowhere, as often downloads do, dropped into my third eye this beautiful hat band. Full of crystals, enchantment, hope & love. I could feel the thundering hooves of the Equine Collective amplifying at the potency of this download. My business guide shared to me that if I wanted to increase revenue that this is how I would do it. At the time I was deep in physical torment, investigating what could be causing some severe physical ailments, which were leaving me unable to work & bring in an income for myself, pack or herd. The name immediately followed & filled my body with fairy kisses as I like to call them. - like goosebumps, but adjacent.- The horses & dogs too that day continually reflected to me their agreeance & excitement for this project a well. 

I sat with this download & let it continue to digest for a few weeks. During these few weeks my Guides & the consciousness of WWW would drop in & share that these Spell Bands where just the tip of what WWW would be. "It's meant for more art, creation, stories, liberation, exploration and beyond." They would say. I listened & let gestate the magnitude of what WWW was wanting to birth.


When the downloads for the branding came to my third eye I knew there was only one woman for the creation. I reached out to Ellen Walker & shared the WWW magic with her & without doubt she connected to Their Spirit & alchemized the beautiful branding for this realm. 

WWW is a realm within the greater expanse of Wolf Winds. A space for me to safely express my creativity, storytelling, magic, vulnerability, advocacy for Earth & her creatures, to be big, bold & loud.

My Scorpio Sun, Leo Rising & Sagittarius North Node couldn't be happier with this creation. 

In my safe expression of all that I am, I offer the same to you. 




We are going to get


Witchy &


up in here.

The WWW podcast is our playground to explore the realms of "Western," "Witch," & "Wild" & let our curiosity roam free to seek truth & understanding.

To have open, honest conversations about the traumas our humanity's past holds. 

As a privileged, Caucasian host, bringing on all viewpoints to share & be witnessed in their sovereignty, their experiences & the experiences of their ancestors to learn & be available for deeper compassion.

The animals will share their loud, focal lens here often. Diving into the shifts we are partaking in in the equine industry & stepping into a greater awareness of conscious horsemanship & a collaborative, sovereign equine community.


Of course our witchy ways will come out to play.

We will explore various realms of spirituality & the journeys that bring us home to our own magic and enchantment. 

A little Western. A little Witchy. A lot a Wild, or WWW is not just a podcast, but a realm within the space of Wolf Winds which honors our reverent connection to nature, animals, self & magic. 

As we embark on our individual journeys through life we see various parallels, reflections, through lines & other within the incarnate experience. Sharing stories, channeling passions & medicine, challenging perspectives & current paradigms, getting vulnerable & more will be observed and witnessed here. 

From branded merchandise, magical accessories, virtual & in person gatherings, retreats, community, podcast & more WWW is here to make waves & changes within our micro and macro realities. 

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