Heal your Animal Ancestral Line

Give grace and honor to the animals who came before you to create a new awareness of your experience with the natural world.

Our ‘Animal Ancestral Line,’ (AAL) is a culmination of every single animal you and your ancestors have ever been in contact with throughout your current human lineage. 

Why do we have an AAL? Because humankind wouldn't be here today if it weren’t for animals. Anthropologists have proven humans would have died off long ago if animals had evaded us for generations. 

By blending human lives with the lives of animals we secured our survival to this day, and ask yourself have you ever given thought or thanks for the animals your human ancestors have crossed paths with? 

Have you thought back to how our ancestors utilized animals as a means to an end? I.e. food, transportation, clothing, religion, economy, war, etc? 

~We are interconnected~

Birds, trees, rocks, all of nature and human are woven together. As infinity we walk through and on this earth interacting with all beings great and small. By raising our awareness to this energetic grid on which we live, and heal our ancestral knowledge we can ascend to new heights in our relationships not only with animals, but all of nature.

Benefits of Healing your AAL

Since I personally healed my own Animal Ancestral Line my daily interactions with my dogs, horses, client animals and nature has been more awe inspiring than ever before. I experience the energy of the earth differently. Seem to feel the very vibration of the places I explore and enjoy. I find myself leading my days with more love and ease, the way nature intended.


I created this foundational course in order to be deeper connected and understanding of the dogs, horses, and the natural world around me. I spend so much time in nature, I wanted to honor the wild spaces and places that offer me so much healing and give back to the land, animals and humans who inhabit this Earth.


In this course you'll find Akashic Record channeled meditations, Light Language healings and journal prompts to insight and instill new wisdom and harmony to your life. Live WITH the animals and planet, they are not separate from us. Let them teach, guide and lead us to an ascended space of love and ease within this world.


We start here, because this is where it all began. When humans began interacting with animals. If we want to change the world and ourselves, we have to learn and heal where we've been. 

If you desire to work with me, we must start here. This is the foundation of working with Wolf Winds, Elsa, the pack and herd. Until you complete this course and we can discuss your journey we cannot go further. 

If you're wanting to join Coven Care, one off event, or Retreat this is not required. But in a larger, more intimate capacity Heal your Animal Ancestral Line must be completed. 

It's like putting the ingredients for the cake in the oven and hoping they mix themselves in correct proportion, order etc. Working through animal communication, deep soul work, Equine Healing, etc. Healing your Animal Ancestral Line is the first ingredient.


Also, if you're ready in general to begin connecting to nature, plants, and animals more intimately start here. When you heal your Animal Ancestral Line, nature recognizes the shift in you.