Equine Assisted Reiki

Receive Reiki with horses and intuitive guidance

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 275 US dollars
  • Upon booking address disclosed

Service Description

Equine Assisted Reiki Reiki is an incredibly powerful energetic healing practice on its own. Add in a natural, outdoor setting with horses... now this is a gamechanger. An ancient Japanese energetic healing modality Reiki utilizes higher vibrational/conscious frequency energy to allow the person receiving to instill and amplify their own healing processes for what they most need. Horses over the past decades have been studied more and more for their support in healing a variety of ailments in one another and humans. Their heart frequency reach is over 4x that of a humans; adding to their healing magic. In our session you'll meet the herd and we will discuss and set an intention for the Reiki to assist in your highest healing. When we begin the Reiki the horses are at liberty to engage and assist as they see fit. I as the facilitator also give the horses Reiki during the session; greater amplifying the healing space. During the session I'll be tuned into your guides, body, loved ones and the horses; accounting for messages being received to share with you at the end of the session. When the session is complete I'll have you sit up and observe the horses releasing and transmuting the energy from the session and whatever healing they received as well. I'll relay messages and guidance to you and play my drum and soul bowl as additional gratitude for the horses assisting in the session. At this point as well you're welcome to take photos and I can snap a few as well to commemorate your Equine Assisted Reiki experience. Sessions are 90 minutes in total. Please dress comfortably. Reschedule is possible due to weather; we appreciate your flexibility. These are in person or zoom guided sessions. (With zoom I show you the horses from the camera.) If you are coming in person; don't mind the zoom link provided. Please specify at checkout whether this will be online or in person. Address disclosed upon booking.

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