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Cosmic Equestrian

  • 1 hour
  • 6,000 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

You don't decide to be a shaman. You're born and become one. Whatever your preferred synonym for shaman is, you know if you are one. You've experienced a life uniquely designed to bring you to your healing gifts, awareness of this magical world, and all seen and unseen. Your devotion to nature, creation, learning, curiosity, healing arts, and other are deeply embedded in your bones. Cosmic Equestrian is open for 2 individuals who are ready for a 5 month journey into the depths of their magic and gifts within connection to the Cosmos and Horses. A deeply educational experience for your intuitive connection to horses and magic. A space to explore and embody the mystical within the physical. I've spent most of my life living in the extremes of both physical and etheric planes. I have found my own way of bringing them together and walking simultaneously in both planes and all in between with efficiency, grace and empowerment. Cosmic Equestrian is an offer for you to be guided in this journey as well. If you find yourself mused by the infinite potential of the cosmic space, yet frustrated by the confines of physicality. This space could be for you. If you're already deep rooting into your intuitive gifts, body work gifts, healing gifts within the Equine industry and are feeling a nudge, tickle, whisper for more. This space could be for you. If you're new to the world of equine health/wellness and want to dive off the deep end with no life jacket and trust in the universe and your own capabilities. This course may be for you. In Cosmic Equestrian, you'll be guided to engage with the infinite creation of the Akashic Records and implement it into your existing business/work/craft. You'll unearth, unlearn, shed and break down blocks, stories, traumas, fears, limiting beliefs and more in the alchemy of 'Equestrian Witch.' By shedding within our past what is not ours and is not meant for us, we can more fluidly and effortlessly become who we are meant to be. And those of us who are called to the aid and support of horses, Cosmic Equestrian will help you to amplify and optimize that passion, purpose and magic within you! We are all feeling various shifts in the world collectively and within the Equine Industry. Cosmic Equestrian helps you to be part of these shifts. To embrace the leader and change seeker you know you are. This is a 5 month commitment. $6,000 PIF $1,222 5 month payments (For more info please email me!)

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please try to do so 24 hours before session is scheduled to begin.

Contact Details


2610 Floral Blvd, Butte, MT, USA

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