Intuitive Adventure Retreats 

Since I've known what retreats where, I've always wanted to host and co-host them. I'm so excited to finally be in a space personally, where I'm ready to co-create deep healing, magic, abundance, connection, adventure and more.

With Wolf Winds and many other powerful, enchanting women join us throughout the year for various retreats. We ask that you connect to yourself as you are now, and your future self and if any of our retreats can be of support to you. 

Bookings will be added throughout the year for retreats as they're birthed. Keep watch or join the Wolf Winds email list for updates. 


Into the Unknown Retreat

August 17-21,2022 Hall Montana USA

Be held and witnessed within the healing space of the foothills of Southwestern Montana

Hosted by Nica Ware, Elsa Janney, and Angela Saeiva


Goddess Retreat Series 2023

Connect to the Goddess within

Wolf Winds and various cohosts will be holding seasonal retreat gatherings paying homage, connecting, attuning and more to various deities we intimately spend time with. From Epona, Lillith, Skadi, Artemis, Angel Ariel and more goddess' are incredibly powerful and potent energies living within us all. 

Stay tuned for more information and details on the upcoming 2023 Goddess Retreat Series.