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Selenite Crown

Enjoy the high vibes of Selenite, Ariel Horse hair and Lichen to support clairty, protection, deeper connection to Source, energetic healing and more. 


Ariel Medicine 

Ariel is the leader of our small herd. Her "rise to power" has been so beautiful to witness. A horse bound for slaughter because of her small size and no other reason led her to me & her medicine of brutal compassion & validation as neutral empowerment offers us all a space to be held in our journey as not what happens to us, but points on our map to our highest selves & closest connections. Ariel presents to you a graceful & deeply powerful wounded healer; going deep isn't to be feared, join the mermaids & find safety in your depths. To embrace your experiences & see their hidden power to step into your fullness with class, confidence, acceptance of all you are & to acknowledge that you are your own greatest asset & healer, & your soul family is always in your corner with love, cheering you on!


Selenite Crystal

Often refered to as "Liquid Light," Selentie is a must have for any crystal collection. It has the potential to bring about powerful fluidity in your own essence and energy, as well as influence the space around you to harmonize at a higher, more healing/loving vibrational frequency. As Selenite offers itself to cleanse and charge the area around it, it is suggested to give Selenite reprieve once in a while with a lovely moon bath, sound bath, fire ceremony, loving intention, Reiki, etc. Anything to support its own restoration and rejuvination. 



There are over 20,000 different species of Lichen and it grows on every continent in the world. Lichen medicine offers us a relfection of our own capacity to hold vast amounts of space, time and energy within us. To stretch and stabalize our reality and desires as they come to be.

Lichen on the tundra stablizes the floor and has a soft, cloud like feel when you step on it. No animals receive nutritional value from Lichen with the exception of Reindeer and Caribou. They have a special enzyme in their gut that allows them to break down the Lichen into carbohydrates so they receive a small amount of sugar based energy from Lichen, This supports them during the harsh winter months when this is their primary food source. 


Wear your crown well and wear it often. It is meant to be worn on more than special occasions if you feel called. This crown is a powerful amplifier of your aura, magnetism, protection, and healing light. 

Selenite Crown

  • It is elementally safe; however, if it gets wet please allow it space to air dry while laying flat.

    Do not use heat on the leather, you can actually cook it. 

    If it gets dirty, spot clean with a damp, cold wash cloth and allow to air dry

  • Create a routine to place your Crown under a window during full moons and have a sacred space for it when you’re not wearing it.  

    If you feel it needs additional cleansing space, place your crown in a bowl of sea salt. 

    Remember, crystals have their own energy and consciousness. Talk to your Crown and build a relationship with it. 

    Activate your crystals! This is very important for when you're needing extra support from them, or really anytime. Ask your crystals to