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Purple Reign


Amethyst and Friends at the ready! Ariel Horse hair, stand guard. This spell band is here for intense protection and support of your intuition and psychic abilities. 


Creation story.... I was in the energy of creative space and allowing the design of the first spell band to come forward while I was out with the horses one day. I was about to leave when I noticed Ariel had a large piece of hair she had begun to shed from her tail. When I reached down and grabbed it I felt a surge of energy from my hand up my arm and into my heart. I knew Ariel had offered this section of hair from her tail for this crown and I want to send a special thanks and love to Ariel for her contribution to this band. 


Ariel Medicine 

Ariel is the leader of our small herd. Her "rise to power" has been so beautiful to witness. A horse bound for slaughter because of her small size and no other reason led her to me & her medicine of brutal compassion & validation as neutral empowerment offers us all a space to be held in our journey as not what happens to us, but points on our map to our highest selves & closest connections. Ariel presents to you a graceful & deeply powerful wounded healer; going deep isn't to be feared, join the mermaids & find safety in your depths. To embrace your experiences & see their hidden power to step into your fullness with class, confidence, acceptance of all you are & to acknowledge that you are your own greatest asset & healer, & your soul family is always in your corner with love, cheering you on!


This band is full of Amethyst and other third eye chakra supporting crystals. When you wear this band your intuition will be activated and in particular your clairvoyance; your ability to see psychically. A practice you can do before you dawn your hat is to gently massage your third eye space for ten seconds or so, and ask it to be open to receive that which you most need to receive for today. 

Purple Reign

  • It is elementally safe; however, if it gets wet please allow it space to air dry while laying flat.

    Do not use heat on the leather, you can actually cook it. 

    If it gets dirty, spot clean with a damp, cold wash cloth and allow to air dry

  • Create a routine to place your Crown under a window during full moons and have a sacred space for it when you’re not wearing it.  

    If you feel it needs additional cleansing space, place your crown in a bowl of sea salt. 

    Remember, crystals have their own energy and consciousness. Talk to your Crown and build a relationship with it. 

    Activate your crystals! This is very important for when you're needing extra support from them, or really anytime. Ask your crystals to activate and take a few deep breaths giving them energy and space to "turn on." Then tell the crystals your intention if you have one: i.e. protection for you and your horse out on a ride, wider magnetism throughout your day to call in abundant miracles, reflecting/deflecting emotions of others you don't need to absorb, you get the idea. 

    At the end of each day or wear of your crown offer it gratitude, blessings and love.