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It's time we make peace with our Predator selves...


It's time we forgive the humanized Predators of others.


It's time we reflect upon the definition of what Predator truly is.


No longer can we run from our inner hunter/huntress. If we embrace Wild we have to accept both our Prey AND Predator self.


Much shadow and rejection lives among the Predator archetype. This bandana amplifies our metamorphic power to shift our pain into strength, our lack into abundance, and suffering into gifts of our own making.


Wolf, Golden Eagle, Sweetgrass & Sage create a spell binding synergy of kinetic movement, confidence and connection to Mother Earth.


This bandana is designed Ellen Walker, inspired by myself.


Raw Silk Material roughly 21"x21"

Naturally dyed by Eco Raw Studio

USA made.

Predator Bandana

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