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These earrings are handmade and alchemized with naturally shed antler, handcrushed turquoise sourced from AZ and NM with honor to the stone, land and ancestors, rooster feathers sources from local Montana fly fishing shops, and Ariel hair.

Each earring set is one of a kind. Allow your intuition to guide you in choosing the pair that is calling to you and most meant for you.

Ariel Medicine

Ariel is the leader of our small herd. Her "rise to power" has been so beautiful to witness. A horse bound for slaughter because of her small size and no other reason led her to me & her medicine of brutal compassion & validation as neutral empowerment offers us all a space to be held in our journey as not what happens to us, but points on our map to our highest selves & closest connections. Ariel presents to you a graceful & deeply powerful wounded healer; going deep isn't to be feared, join the mermaids & find safety in your depths. To embrace your experiences & see their hidden power to step into your fullness with class, confidence, acceptance of all you are & to acknowledge that you are your own greatest asset & healer, & your soul family is always in your corner with love, cheering you on!


Antler Medicine

Antler is one of the fastest reproducing materials on the planet.. faster than cancer cells do antler cells grow.

The medicine combination of Antler and Ariel is absolutely palpable. The deep awareness and rawness we find ourselves in when we engage with Ariel is deeply supported by the protective energies of Antler.

Each individual deer species has their own particular medicine they bring to our awareness and relationship with these earrings.

Antler naturally sheds each and every year. Meaning the deer spends spring and summer growing their antlers, then bloodflow severes to the antler, and they harden up to be used for the mating season, or all winter long for female reindeer and caribou. The males "drop" their antlers when the rut is complete. This medicine of deer offers awareness into our continuous evolution of self, we are always renewing who we are, yet we are the same... all one, all versions of ourselves, even when the old version of self dies and you are reborn, the wisdom and magic of all your experiences lives within you.

*the antler used for all earrings is naturally shed and gifted to me my friends, family or mother earth herself.*

Turquoise Medicine

Renowed by royals, numerous cultures, and presently by all... I mean, can you ever have too much turquoise?

Symbolized as a stone of luck and protection, turquoise is a beautiful gift from the earth. With a variety of hues and types, turquoise creates a space for us to feel connected to the collective, ancestors' past and future, as well as the entirty of our own self.

In many ancient armies, turqoise was utilized on armor for both horse and human. Protecting from falls, swords, and harm during battle. Let turquoise channel your inner warrior self.

Feather Medicine

Don't just fly. SOAR! And..... with these earrings you're invited to swim as well! To embody your mermaid self. Dawn your mermaid tail and say yes to the depths. Yes to all of you. Feathers in conjure with Ariel's mermaid magic help to create a "flight plan" for you to enter into the depths, and emerge supported, more powerful, and embodied in a deeper consciousness of self and cosmos. All that has happened in your past does not define you or weigh you down. The pressure of the depths is not your burden or trauma when in mermaid form, but merely something to adapt and alchemize beyond it running your life. Let Ariel, Mermaids and feathers be a symbol and amplification of your greater essence or as I like to refer to as, our "All Self." The self who is in full acceptance of all life has given you and you have received. None of it defines you because at our core, we are undefinable. We simply exist and create with each breath, each step, each connection we make along the way. Are you ready for you... all of you? If so, Ariel is here to be a guide and friend on this journey.


Mermaid Tales (Small)