Listen to what creatures have to say. You've been them before. 



A return to your wild?

Uplevel in your spiritual self development?

A blance for pack/herd mentality?



Wolves are my favorite animal as many people can surmise. A wolf is my power animal and she has been an ever guiding light, protector and friend on my journey being back home in Montana. Hawk was the name of the first horse I had the honor of working with then I moved home. At least thats what he asked me to call him. Both the wolf and the hawk earring design are a step in Your right direction. Towards your personal truth, power and highest self. Helping you to embody your new energetic frequency as you step into your wild.   


Handcrafted with mule deer, elk and moose antler, green Egyptian turquoise, copper cones, horse hair, antiqued silver and copper earring hooks, and EcoPoxy for the wolf eyes. 


Wear it well and wear it often.


With love and antler.