'Fairy Collection'


I have the fairies to thank for a lot in my life as of late so I created this Collection to honor them and their magic. This will be an ongoing Collectionas they have gifted me with a beautiful idea for more creations.



Inner child triggers?


Not seeing magic in life?



Fairies are all about fun and not taking life too seriously. I am finding it beautifully important to remember this as of late. So, if you are feeling lackluster, a cloud over your head or colors seem dull... let the fairies bring you the healing magic you need. Laugh at yourself, see magic everywhere, and eat, drink and be merry!


Wear it well and wear it often.


With love and antler.


Earrings: silver or copper option. Please state at checkout.

Pendant: as is, or deerskin leather. Please state at checkout. 

Ring size 7.


Fairy Collection