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We are going to get


Witchy &


up in here.

The WWW podcast is our playground to explore the realms of "Western," "Witch," & "Wild" & let our curiosity roam free to seek truth & understanding.

To have open, honest conversations about the traumas our humanity's past holds. 

As a privileged, Caucasian host, bringing on all viewpoints to share & be witnessed in their sovereignty, their experiences & the experiences of their ancestors to learn & be available for deeper compassion.

The animals will share their loud, focal lens here often. Diving into the shifts we are partaking in in the equine industry & stepping into a greater awareness of conscious horsemanship & a collaborative, sovereign equine community.


Of course our witchy ways will come out to play.

We will explore various realms of spirituality & the journeys that bring us home to our own magic and enchantment. 

A little Western. A little Witchy. A lot a Wild, or WWW is not just a podcast, but a realm within the space of Wolf Winds which honors our reverent connection to nature, animals, self & magic. 

As we embark on our individual journeys through life we see various parallels, reflections, through lines & other within the incarnate experience. Sharing stories, channeling passions & medicine, challenging perspectives & current paradigms, getting vulnerable & more will be observed and witnessed here. 

From branded merchandise, magical accessories, virtual & in person gatherings, retreats, community, podcast & more WWW is here to make waves & changes within our micro and macro realities. 


Have a story to tell?

A passion for nature, animals, equine industry, conservation, inclusivity to share?

Want to connect with Wolf Winds & other like minded nature advocates?

If you'd like to be on the WWW Podcast please fill out this form & I'll be in touch! 

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