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Lauren Schlansky of Lauren Schlansky Intuitive Healing Services.


My work provides guidance and support for activating your highest potentials and connecting to the wisdom of your soul. I help you find clarity in the spaces where you may be stuck, empower you to listen to your own knowing, and provide tangible action steps for the next stages of your healing. Whether it be through intuitive guidance, energy medicine, breathwork or sound healing all of my sessions are steeped in the anchoring of the great mystery and our connection to the unseen realms into our individual and collective human experience.  Each healing is led by spirit and unique to each person’s individual energetic field.

My intention for this incarnation is to create more ease and lightness on your healing journey — because when we heal ourselves we send a ripple effect out into the world, healing each other and the earth in return.

Elsa Janney of Wolf Winds

I am more animal than I am human, and intend on using this soul awareness to my advantage in this lifetime. A core purpose of mine is to re-establish authentic, sovereign animal human relationships, vocalize and “bottle” the magic, healing and essence of animals, and guide us to a congruent, flourishing connection to nature in which humans see themselves as part of the ecosystem rather than detached from it.

Whether Akashic Records, Reiki, Light Language, Sound Healing or Animal Communication you'll be offered a chance to experience your Soul as vast, multidimensional, infinitely abundant, and ever adapting that can with joy and acceptance engage with the magic of this world. 

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We created the Luna May Healing podcast as a vantage point, accountability, consistency, and magical space for any and all to come and experience a variety of healing modalities. Lauren and Elsa have over 16 years combined experience with a plethora of modalities and offer them through the space of the Luna May Healing podcast. 


We know very well the vast ins and outs, ups and downs of healing and wish for Luna May to be a supportive, practical space for you to come, listen and allow to integrate into part of your personal healing journey.  


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