has your horse experienced a physical injury? 

Has your horse experienced trauma or witnessed trauma?

Is your hose a high performance athlete?

Does your horse express "behavioral issues?"

Is your horse a rescue or mustang?

are you training your horse for a specific job and not sure if it is what they want to do?

I committed myself to horses and their sovereignty after seeing the lost connections, awareness and communication the average horse human relationship was based on.


three incredible horses manifested me into their  lives and expressed desires to be a part of my journey, as well as fulfill their soul desires to be together in this life. I gave them a say in their life and made it happen for us to be together. 

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Sovereign engagement technique:
a training process that puts the horse's desires first. healing past trauma and fears to give the horse their voice, confidence and trust in themselves before we seek trust in the human. 

Set up for success:
When we open a two way line of communication between horse and human success with ease and fun can be quickly achievable. by healing that which holds both horse and human back we can witness one another as the sentient beings we all are and align to our common goals. 

Authentic Relationship:
When horse and human are on the same page.. the sovereign Needs of both parties are seen and met. Love, support and fun are the foundation of the relationship.

my approach to horse training or as i call engagement is unique. I call it the sovereign engagement technique. where i utilize animal communication, soul talk, body talk, reiki, kinesiology, quantum healing, breath work and more... it all depends on what the horse as an individual needs. 

just because a horse was bred for roping or racing, doesn't mean they want to do it. or, maybe they do but the typical approach to training doesn't resonate with them. my method for engagement and healing sets both horse and human up for success. both parties get on the same page, engage, heal and grow together to have an authentic relationship based on love, support, and met needs. 


Do you want to ensure your horse is worth the investment in rodeo or racing and they desire to try to achieve what you are asking of them?

do you want to feel confident and trusting in groundwork and riding your horse?

do you desire to have an ease filled relationship with your horse?

are you ready to finally do more for your horse, their emotional and soul needs and yourself?

are you ready to achieve your wildest dreams with your horse?!! (Que Taylor Swift music video.)