Become a member of the herd.  Connect & align with their sovereignty, magic, wisdom, insight, energy & transformation to receive that which you most need. 


Like a live, embodied tarot or oracle deck.  Setting an intention & allowing the horses to authentically share with you that which you most need.   


What I love about Horse Medicine is the curation of space.  In the horse's space, their home, where they are most confident, sovereign & comfortable sharing their magic with us.  Horse Medicine doesn't just observe what horse's can "do for us" or how they can "heal us." 

It's a partnership, willingness to self lead, be seen, observe our projections & limitations of our abilities, accept love, non-judgment & compassion from our Equine partners. 

When we step back & let horses take the lead; show us through their lens the enchantment, mysticism, magic & empowerment available we can heal & embody more deeply in partnership with Horse & highest self. 



Join us for calendared events to embrace the connection Horse's have to Land, Divine, Self & the mysteries of this world.  Full moons, Equinox, Solstice, sound baths, portal dates & more.  (sign up for our email list to stay informed) 



In accordance with the seasons Wolf Winds hosts/co-hosts various in person retreats.  Leaping Into the Unknown, connecting to various Deities, exploring divine self through prey & predator connection, & so many more. (sign up for our email list to stay informed.) 


An outdoor, sacred setting with the Land & Horses.  Elsa facilitates Reiki for all: Human, Horse & Land during the session.  The Horses engage in the Reiki & energy healing as they feel called too, all the while enjoying with you the healing vibrational frequency of Reiki, drums, sound bowls, Light Language & nature sounds.  After Reiki is complete Horse Medicine is observed & Elsa shares insight from the session & messages from the Land & Horses.  (sessions are approx. 90 minutes & are seasonally available.) 


Customized events, retreats, sessions, healing containers, gathering, collaborations or other.  Book a consultation to begin the discussion of how the Wolf Winds herd can support you.  We are open to new & creative ideas.  If you have something in mind, please don't hesitate to reach out to discuss opportunities. 


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