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Become a member of the herd.  Connect & align with their sovereignty, magic, wisdom, insight, energy & transformation to receive that which you most need. 


Like a live, embodied tarot or oracle deck.  Setting an intention & allowing the horses to authentically share with you that which you most need in full reciprocity.   


What I love about Horse Medicine is the curation of space.  In the horse's space, their home, where they are most confident, sovereign & comfortable sharing their magic with us.  Horse Medicine doesn't just observe what horse's can "do for us" or how they can "heal us." 

It's a partnership, willingness to self lead, be seen, observe our projections & limitations of our abilities, accept love, non-judgment & compassion from our Equine partners. 

When we step back & let horses take the lead; show us through their lens the enchantment, mysticism, magic & empowerment available we can heal & embody more deeply in partnership with Horse & highest self. 



Join us for calendared events to embrace the connection Horse's have to Land, Divine, Self & the mysteries of this world.  Full moons, Equinox, Solstice, sound baths, portal dates & more.  (sign up for our email list to stay informed) 



In accordance with the seasons Wolf Winds hosts/co-hosts various in person retreats.  Leaping Into the Unknown, connecting to various Deities, exploring divine self through prey & predator connection, & so many more. (sign up for our email list to stay informed.) 


An outdoor, sacred setting with the Land & Horses.  Elsa facilitates Reiki for all: Human, Horse & Land during the session.  The Horses engage in the Reiki & energy healing as they feel called too, all the while enjoying with you the healing vibrational frequency of Reiki, drums, sound bowls, Light Language & nature sounds.  After Reiki is complete Horse Medicine is observed & Elsa shares insight from the session & messages from the Land & Horses.  (sessions are approx. 90 minutes & are seasonally available.) 


Customized events, retreats, sessions, healing containers, gathering, collaborations or other.  Book a consultation to begin the discussion of how the Wolf Winds herd can support you.  We are open to new & creative ideas.  If you have something in mind, please don't hesitate to reach out to discuss opportunities. 





Horse Medicine in collaboration

Horses are highly intelligent, social creatures.

Full of compassion, non-judgement & direct presence in their Being.

So, the more the merrier!

The horses of Wolf Winds invite you to bring your medicine, passions & gifts into their space of Horse Medicine.

All of you have amazing magic & the Horses want to play! 

 Herd & Co. is a collaborative space where we combine your teachings with Horse Medicine. 

From breathwork, crystals, dance, womb healing, intuitive art, life coaching, yoga, human design, astrology,

sound healing, money coaching & more.... you're welcome to join the Herd!

All summer long we will gather! 

You can claim a session if you'd like to collaborate with the Herd. 

 We will then have a meeting to conjure details.

Exchanges are shared equally.

In collaborating with Horse Medicine your teachings have the opportunity to land differently,

integrate deeply, grow your community, connect to animals & nature, & be wildly fun!


You & those who join us will be offered the unique lens of Equus

to see our strength, wisdom & magic in full worthiness & love. 

*Herd & Co. gatherings will begin in June & go through September weather depending.

Stay tuned for more information & details.* 


Upon meeting the horses whether in person or virtually we can feel a deep connection to one or all of them. The horses want to gift to you jewelry options to keep their magic close. 

Enjoy an assortment of designs co-created by the horses & myself. Each design has hair gifted from the horses to provide medicine, magic, protection & amplification to support you throughout the day. 

Wear them well & wear them often. I always suggest cleansing them under a full moon in a sea salt bowl to keep them energetically pure & powerful. 


Ariel is the leader of our small herd. Her "rise to power" has been so beautiful to witness. A horse bound for slaughter because of her small size and no other reason led her to me & her medicine of brutal compassion & validation as neutral empowerment offers us all a space to be held in our journey as not what happens to us, but points on our map to our highest selves & closest connections. Ariel presents to you a graceful & deeply powerful wounded healer; going deep isn't to be feared, join the mermaids & find safety in your depths. To embrace your experiences & see their hidden power to step into your fullness with class, confidence, acceptance of all you are & to acknowledge that you are your own greatest asset & healer, & your soul family is always in your corner with love, cheering you on!


Our herd Fairy. Edith is a comfort in size & energy. Great power & transformation resides in calm & quiet. A sweet Shetland pony, a facet of her medicine is getting comfortable with your magic. You are magic & more of you is waiting for you beyond the doorway. Edith has a fluid medicine in bringing you to the doorway, & then witnessing you grabbing the handle, opening it & stepping through to the other side where more of you awaits. When you trust Edith to guide you, she is activating within you your self trust. When she found me it took almost a year for her to come live with me & she knew it would happen even if not in the time I wanted it to. Trust & the time will work itself out. 


A mustang in physical form, a Unicorn in soul form; Dakota is almost beyond words. He offers a diverse, unique perspective into our inner landscape & the awareness of the energetic palpability of our inner world as it relates to our outer world. In our inner frequencies effect our outer world. Dakota is deeply sensitive to energy & touch. The medicine he offers in this is to discern consent & boundary with both our inner & outer landscapes. All leading up to the availability we all have at any given moment to embody our highest self. Even on our "not best" days, we can accept our highest self frequencies & that consistency creates magic beyond bounds. By being ready & willing to receive we honor the ever abundant connection, sovereignty & medicine of Self & all in our circles. 


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