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Welcome to Wolf Winds. A space of authentic connection to Animal, Land & Self.  Where we heal not because we have to, but because we get to, & receive because we are. 

Elsa, the pack & herd are honored to lead, guide, support & witness your personal  journey, reclamation of sovereignty, wild essence & authenticity. 



We recognize Animal, Human & Land healing as one unit; all interconnected.  As Human heals, Animal & Land receive awareness & space to heal as well.  One is not without the other. 


Hi, blessings to you, I'm Elsa. I've always had a deep connection & reverence with animals.  Communicating with them since I was little, although not realizing this wasn't something everyone did.  Animals & people have always been drawn to me for healing; just ask my family.  For the past ten years I've been actively cultivating my animal communication, psychic & intuitive gifts, energetic healing, channeling, Akashic Records facilitating & relationships with the dogs & horses in my life.  We desire to support other Beings in seeing animal human relationships from a place of interconnected harmony, love, reciprocity, and unity.  Our belief & mission is to bring awareness to the inner and outer reflections of this world.  Our relationship with Self, Land & Animal is what will bring about the greatest sustainable change we seek & need.

Wolf Winds is founded on the stewardship that we offer the same opportunities for healing to animals & land that we humans so freely & easily offer ourselves. It is limiting to think otherwise, & Wolf Winds isn't about limits. 

Many of us humans, desiring to return to Nature & reconnect to our Oneness, one isn't without the other. This will not happen on human healing alone. 


As we humans heal, it is deeply imperative animals & land are offered the same opportunity. Our ancestors founded our World on the backs of animals & disregard to land. As we accept our reality & co create a new one, we do it alongside them. In reciprocity & open availability to allow healing for all in curiosity & desire of it. 


This is a core of Wolf Winds & myself. Every healing opportunity I've had, the animals who've chosen to live with me receive in return. The more I learn from the animals in my life & clients, most animals want to heal just as much as we do. Do not deny them & their soul this opportunity "just" because of ancestral programming & their souls' chosen incarnation. 


Heal together, Be together.

elsa_06.06.2023-184 (1).jpg


They've watched us evolve. 

They've been with us through it all. 

As humans began to further & further disconnect & disassociate from the harmony of nature; horses & huskies watched it happen; & were brought along the hierarchal ride of selective breeding, co-dependency, inauthentic relationships with human, land & animal, ancestral trauma, & more.


As we are called to return to a co-creative, interdependent relationship with nature there is much 'construction' & unlearning which needs to take place. From epigenetic reprogramming, laying to rest our blame & shame for our ancestors, witnessing & honoring the horses, huskies & other domestic animals who have journeyed with us, & allow them to guide us home to nature. 

The potent wisdom from both huskies & horses offers us as humans a space to safely interact with our past, our intrinsic experience observing the current state of the Earth, connect with our dual prey & predator energies, receive acceptance from the animals we have most experimented on as a species ancestrally, & learn from them the ways of returning to nature willing, ready & available to connect in complete reciprocity.




Wolf Winds is a holistic & quantum approach to animal human relationships.  We witness both parties as mind, body & soul.  Allowing space for the soul history, soul expression, soul connection & more of both Animal & Human healing & acceptance.  From behavior issues, traumatized & rescued animals, injured & ill animals, animals ready to transition, & more.  

We engage in mystery, magic & alchemy.  All Beings are magic & have the desire to share.  Wolf Winds facilitates soul & ancestral healing, re-attunements to their magic & create sacred space to practice.  

From virtual or in person sessions, intimate mentorships, in person retreats, workshops, collaborations, podcasts & more Wolf Winds has something for everyone looking to enhance the animal & nature enchantment in their life


Your inner knowing is ready to seek resolve & acceptance with Self & Animals in your life.  You are ready for the magic & enchantment of this world to be a leading role & space in your daily life. 









Wolf Winds has a myriad of ways to interact, adventure & explore your magic, psychic & intuitive gifts, animal communication & spirituality, connect with Horses & Huskies, & Wild Way both in person & virtually.


wolves who run with horses.  prey & predator.  masculine & feminine.  divine & humanity.  energy is energy is energy.  this life is as complicated as we make it.  we are as victim as we decide to be.  we are as empowered as we claim.  choreograph the life you, Animals & Land desire.  innately we are all; blurred unity of bliss, fantasy & reality, science & magic, we are this Universe.  enjoy, play, feel, shape-shift & experience all there is.  you're only you in this lifetime.  what kind of ancestor do you desire to be?  heal, encourage growth, compassion, acceptance & love.   

Animals are no longer waiting & whispering to us.  They're shouting, making themselves heard, ready to be engaged in a deeper, more sovereign way.  No longer are the days where we need animals to survive.  A new dawn is awaiting for animals to lead us to a collective space of thrive.  Domestic animals have witnessed us for thousands of years; Wolf Winds believes it's time to let them have a say in their upcoming thousands of years with us, beside us, in integrity & true partnership with us. 


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