Wolf Winds Wellness Outfitters

Where animal, human and land healing become one.

You know those dreams. The ones born before you even entered this world. Before you could walk, these dreams began to imbue your systems with their charge so you would bring them to life one day. The dreams that no matter how old they are, still hold so much power and emotion with you. The dreams that even when they flit across your mind bring tears to your eyes because you know your soul, mind and body yearn for this to be made reality. Well that's what Wolf Winds Wellness Outfitters is for me. The dream I was put on this Earth to make reality. 

We have big dreams for Wolf Winds and need support. So Wolf Winds may help those less fortunate, without a voice, give a second chance to horses in need, support men's and women's veterans; their families, single parents and their children, children from low income families, women survivors of sexual trauma, sled dogs in retirement, and so much more. Donations can be made in any amount through the GoFundMe Link.

Donations do not go unnoticed. I will be keeping diligent track of any/all donations and as the process evolves and we, together make WWWO a reality. You'll be gifted for your generous contribution. 


Wolf Winds Wellness Outfitters

Since I've dreamed of my "career" and what my life would look like this has been ever transforming, but is always rooted in...Animals, humans, land all healing, growing and engaging together. 

  • Humans of all kinds and backgrounds having a safe space among dogs and horses to be witnessed and held in the womb of the land. 

  • Horses and Mustangs needing a second lease on life; given oasis to heal and find their authentic path within their incarnation.

  • Utilizing the healing magic of predator through sled dogs for humans and the dogs to receive harmony within themselves.  

  • Communities being supported by the loving, caring space of Wolf Winds Wellness Outfitters.

    • i.e community garden, livestock hay, skijoring events, fundraisers, etc. ​

  • After school and summer programs for kids who want something other than organized sports.

  • Women's riding groups and lessons for feminine connection and empowerment through the lens of horses. 

  • Holistic fitness outings honoring the body, animal, and land. 

  • Retreats dedicated to inner growth, reflection and evolution of self for people of all walks of life. 

  • Scholarship funds for young adults and entrepreneurs.

  • Supporting Wildlife and Wildland funding and preservation.

  • WWWO will have profit and nonprofit sections.