Imagine, thundering hooves, clashing antlers and horns, roars, growls, hoots, howls, songs, barks, purrs, neighs and more. The magic, message, alchemy, healing and essence of the animal kingdom in a bottle. Wolf Winds presents to you, Fauna Fractals. 


A vibrational blend of animal energies imbued into a liquid blend to soothe ailments of mind, body, emotions, soul, create ease, harmony, magic, release, relief, engage and embrace the animal way. 


Like any other holistic remedy there is an energetic alignment requirement for optimal support. When choosing a Fractal be guided by what you most need, not what you most want. (i.e. let your soul/gut/heart guide you, not your ego.) Fractals work best when taken one at a time, do not mix and match. Allow the Fractal to work with you for 3-4 weeks or until the bottle is complete. Shake before use and take 4 drops under the tongue 4x a day. 

Fauna Fractals cause reactions in the body. You may experience a variety of "symptoms" while taking your Fractal, especially within the first few days. This is normal and shall pass. When we have much to heal and align our body has to react when the essence it needs is received. Stay hydrated and be kind with yourself during the Fractal process; listen to your body.

*Please reuse the bottle for something fun or recycle where glass is accepted.*