Equestrian Witch

A 6 month membership for the soul led, equine entrepreneur 

If we want to help heal and change the equine industry we have to begin with ourselves and be open to accepting all of us, healing that which is no longer in alignment, and claim sovereignty so we can design our horse human relationships lovingly, beautifully, compassionately, humbly and honestly. 


~What we do in Equestrian Witch~

  • 1 live gathering per month to set our intuitive tones for the month ahead. 

    • may be healing ancestry, deepening Clair senses, healing money stories, meeting spirit team members, etc.​

  • 2-3 audio recordings per month for magical engagement and enchantment.​​​​​

    • ​from spell work, wealth codes, practicing applied Kinesiology, equine guided meditation, Reiki, integration and embodiment activations and so much more!

~What's included~

  • enjoy a safe, sacred, intimate community where you can share ideas, breakthroughs, brainstorm, practice intuitive gifts, and more.

  • each member of Equestrian Witch receives free branded gear: YETI tumbler and EQW journal/planner

~Why Equestrian Witch~

It's time we enter our body, find safety, acceptance, trust, commitment, love and joy within ourselves, equine business, and relationships with horses. This is not a business membership for structure and strategy development. It is an intuitive, sacred endurance development membership where you learn your magic, your way. How your unique energetic signatures work best for you, your business and horses. Your calling within the Equine space is ready for an upgrade, are you?

Our body is the microchip of our existence. And if we desire to continue learning, evolving and honoring our equine relationships we need to download and upload our magic and gifts; learn to use them and apply them with commitment to our daily lives. 

Equestrian Witch is a 6 month membership where you have the option to pay monthly ($111/month) or in full ($600.) 

Join the waitlist for the second Coven beginning in January 2023. 


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