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Cosmic, quantum & practical offerings to support your highest healing for self, animal & land. 

All offers are fluid & non permanent. I never know how long an offer will be available; it depends on my energy & guidance from Source, animals, spirit team, & the consciousness of Wolf Winds. 

If a particular offer calls & resonates with you, I recommend booking while you can. 

*That being said, if you find an offer you had your eye on is no longer available, please do not hesitate to reach out & inquire for a booking. I'm more than willing to share the magic of all my offerings again & again; even if they aren't shown anymore.*

We now travel & offer in person sessions. If you're local or near SW Montana & would prefer in person we are more than happy to come to you. Just send an email & we can make arrangements. 


a revolution in the equine health & wellness industry.

lift the veil, broaden your perspective, truly individualized care, all aspects of clients acknowledged

How does Quantum Healing fit into our world?

"Ariel twisted an ankle and is limping." 


"Oh no. Is she ok?" 


"Oh yea, she is processing and transmuting emotions from a past life where she was deformed in that leg and felt as if she was holding the family back and didn't want to be weak." 




After asking first where the ankle injury had come from from a place of neutral curiosity and calmness, nor fear. I was able to see the injury wasn't physically based, but rather rooted in emotion and the need to have support integrating this particular past life as we all call in a home together. 


I then asked how I can best support her and what she needed from me, if anything. And she needed help moving the emotions from the quantum through the physical to transmute and resolve her awareness with said past life and her healthy leg in this life. 


I stood in front of her and she had her nose at my sacral. With Light Language, quantum channeling, Reiki, Fairy, Mermaid, Dragon and Centaur energies we proceeded to transmute all she needed to to experience an embodied, healthy leg again. 


When it was over I lingered too long and she bit me in the left tricep. I knew she was complete. 


Today you might not even notice the slight compensation she is offering her leg. I saw Dakota and Edith holding space for her this afternoon while she walked around sure-footed. 


Not all injury presented as physical is physical. And if it is, you can bet there are other points of contact involved. (Mental, emotional, spiritual) Injury needn't be met with fear, worry and anxiety. (I mean we do our best!) An animal's higher consciousness/soul consciousness 9 out of 10 times knows the root of an injury or ailments, we need only make space to ask and receive. 


If she asks for the vet or any physical support I will give it it her. And the body is a miraculous entity capable or immense healing when we give it space to. 


It's time quantum care be an inclusive part of basic animal care. 

You can't see quantum space. Why does it matter?

Quantum Care IS part of Holistic Care

We've seen the evolution of healthcare. 

Primarily physical needs being addressed in the veterinarian system for ages and we've only just begun opening the space to mental and emotional needs of our equine partners. 

And it's time quantum care be an additional, valued piece of information, healing and awareness we offer to horses in their health and wellness.


Physical, mental and emotional awareness become a lot more clear when we initiate quantum care. 

It takes most if not all the guess work out of the way. 

We can completely individualize care for each horse we interact with for their unique needs. 

The soul history comes to light and makes better understanding of chronic conditions and "mystery ailments." 

Fixed diagnosis become permeable and have opportunity for complete remission. 

The relationship between the equine professional and guardian becomes sovereign, harmonized and equivalent.


Cosmic Equestrian is a minimum 5 month embodied, educational experience for 2 individuals to deepen their skills and craft within the quantum space. To curate their unique magic as "quantum healers" within the Equine industry. 

We are barely scratching the surface of emotional, mental & nervous system health for horses. Isn't this a bit overwhelming? 

Rose and all herbs/plants/flowers hold healing vibrational frequencies. Alongside their physical benefits. 


Each organ within the body holds specific emotions and stories within each individual. 


Every vertebrae of the spine corresponds to a specific emotion. 


The natural polarity of living beings can become weak through traumas of life. Causing confusion, lack of congruency and more. 


Injury, illness or personality traits can stem from the soul consciousness and past life experience needing witness and possibly healing. 


Rejection/abandonment wounding is widely common amongst horses who are weaned too young. (This is expressed in a myriad of ways) 


Horses have chakra systems, same as humans do. Chakra systems are energetic centers within the body emitting specific frequencies for overall energetic alignment. These chakras can get diluted, clogged, harmed or other if not consistently cared for. 


In Cosmic Equestrian we will rabbit hole all of these above topics and more throughout the 5 month minimum journey together. We are available and waiting for 2 individuals within the Equine Industry willing and ready to broaden their awareness and skillset within the quantum space to elevate holistic equine health and wellness. 

It's one thing to learn quantum healing. But how will I apply it to my work?

Quantum Case Study


During our 5 month minimum time together in Cosmic Equestrian you'll connect with a horse to offer a "case study" too. Meaning you'll work with this horse and develop your skills as a Cosmic Equestrian, Quantum Witness. 


I'll be available in support, mentorship, and witness for both horse and human throughout Cosmic Equestrian. It is our desire that this container empowers you to connect with yourself, horses, the physical and quantum worlds on an entirely deeper level. Which is why this case study will be so important. 


You'll be learning by doing throughout the minimum 5 month portal we hold in Cosmic Equestrian. 


This horse may be one you know, one in your guardianship, one if a friend or family, or perhaps even one of my herd..... does a particular horse come to mind? 


If you're feeling a draw to Cosmic Equestrian reach out for more information and we can set up a call to discuss if this is the portal for you. 

I'm nervous about the burnout potential of my nervous system learning to hold the quantum energies

A very, very important part of Cosmic Equestrian is that self care is REQUIRED. 


I learned the hard way that giving all of yourself to your clients and business harms you and is no efficient way to embody this work. 


So.... self care requirements within Cosmic Equestrian will be:


-Receiving nonthly Akashic Healing sessions from me and/or the Wolf Winds herd/pack. 

-Receicing monthly group Reiki/energy work for the 2 humans AND their horse case studies.


Pretty luxurious requirements huh!?


We also will spend ample time "rabbit holeing" embodiment, rest, integration, and receiving. There are guided meditations/journeys within the digital content to support any healing of limiting beliefs, stories, past lives, ancestral conditioning or other on accepting the above! 

COSMIC EQUESTRIAN intriguing you?

Send me an email or DM on Instagram to chat more about becoming an "Quantum Equine Specialist" today!

Only 2 spaces available for individuals who are ready to embark on & commit to their quantum journey. 

Be part of the revolution of holistic equine care. 


"As many others have mentioned before, working with Elsa is NOTHING short of life changing. This woman is all heart. She is real, authentic and genuine. Our weekly sessions were the highlight of my week. To start, life with my dog has not been a walk in the park – it’s more like running through Jurassic World dodging threat after threat and never getting to enjoy the beauty the island has to offer. Elsa not only helped heal some deep-rooted wounds in both of us (holy water works), but awoke us to living a life of joy and luxury; opening us up to embracing all that it has to offer us. Originally, I contacted her to help heal his knee injury, but we got so much more than that. Bowie’s challenging behaviors have significantly changed and I learned how I can better support him.. and how to watch for him supporting me! We have a deeper connection, trust and have learned how to truly enjoy each other. There is so much we covered and accomplished during our weeks together that if I stated it all here, you’d be reading this until tomorrow. All I can say is: I am not the same person I was before this experience. So if that speaks to your Soul, do it. You will never regret the decision to work with Elsa in any capacity. She will facilitate a shift you never expected. So get ready to embrace your Wild!"

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