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A monthly magical membership for animal human enchantment, homeostasis, empowerment & sovereignty

Join us virtually for an ongoing, preventative, proactive, supportive, self care for the the animals in our lives as well as ourselves.  When we combine animal & human healing together, the magic that takes place is remarkable!  Witness the animals' growth & claim your sovereignty within your own healing space as well.



a group or gathering of witches who meet regularly.



the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance & protection of someone or something. 


Witches & misfits both animal & human gather, get wild, heal, connect, reclaim & become more of themselves & deepen their relationships of both inner & outer landscapes. 

Each month we gather for energy work, magical & holistic guest speakers, magic practice, yoga, & more! 


Twice a month we meet live on zoom for our group healing & "practical magic meeting." Enjoy yoga both live & recorded 3-5x/month. 

All lives are recorded & shared in a Dropbox file for you to enjoy anytime. 


Animals have played the role of submissive, supportive, etc. for far too long. This hierarchal relationship plagues animals we love dearly with empathy overload, energetic transference injury, not granted emotional sovereignty or space to feel and experience their own life when they are busy overwhelmed and overloaded supporting us.


Coven Care grants animals reprieve, witnessing, healing and more to be a sentient Being with their own emotions, experiences and all to being incarnate. Animals are not our emotional vacuums able to clean themselves. Yes, they have far better regulation techniques and instincts than we do; but that doesn't mean we disregard their need for energetic clearing and healing. 

Coven Care is the preventative, necessary care the animals in your life need. One of the best parts of Coven Care is it is a per household membership. One price, for one roof. No matter how many pets you have. You pay one price/month and you can cancel at anytime. You may also join at any time! All prior sessions are recorded and available for listening at any time. 



I am so grateful to be a part of the magical healing container that is Coven Care. Elsa has created a sacred portal for the transformation  and ascension of both animals and their humans that can only be described a powerful and transcendent healing experience. Elsa’s ability to help animals heal and thrive in connection with their humans is truly a gift for anyone bonded to their pet and looking to go deeper. My pup, Jackson, loves the magic that comes in every session and I have noticed so much improvement in his behavior and health and well-being since joining. Not to mention I get to do my own spiritual self care right along side him and the beautiful group that Elsa has brought together. Each week her potent healings are filled with so much love and reverence for all the creatures of the world that we always leave feeling more grounded and connected to earth and those around us. I highly recommend this membership for anyone with a pet!

L. and J.

Coven Care is one of the best offerings I have given to my animals. We are a home of multi-species. 4 dogs and 5 cats currently. The cats and dogs LOVE the Reiki and all other activities that the Coven does together. It's wonderful to connect with such like-minded individuals. Having a place to have unconditional support and feel welcomed for the animals and people. Just as us humans give ourselves some "self care" join Coven Care with Wolf Winds for self care for them lovely animals you share you're life with and in return you gain so much too. I can't say enough positive words and feelings of being apart of Coven Care since 2021. 

K., S., M., F., J., M., B., L., P., L.

My crew and I have been participating in Coven Care since the start of it last year! It is the highlight of our week! It has been especially helpful recently while my dog has gone through major surgery and my horse has had significant change. Elsa helps keeps them balanced and provides them with support when I’m not in the space to do so. She helps us cultivate the relationships we all desire with her powerful healing and insights. Not only is Elsa an incredible intuitive, she is one of the greatest humans and it is an honor to share (virtual) space with her 3x a month. I know my critters love Coven Care too!

L., B., A., D., & G.

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