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Self paced, digital portals & adventures to your highest healing, learning, exploring, engaging, magic & more to empower yourself beyond the seen of this world, connection to nature, animals & mythical beings & above all, Yourself.


  • Gets me more face time with the animals! Being as busy as we are, I don't always want to dedicate time to a zoom call or in person session. 

  • It holds me accountable to my healing.

    • It is our responsibility to heal if we so choose to in this lifetime & having it in digital format reminds me that I am my own best healer. 

  • I already meditate daily. I can feed two birds with one hand. Spend my morning or evening routine amplifying my meditations to Akashic and/or Shamanic healings. 

  • It's easier to include the animals in the healing with me. Because digital format allows me to turn the volume up when I'm out hiking, or in the pasture for us all to enjoy the healing together. If you aren't including animals in healing.. you're missing out!

  • I can listen to the healings as often as I'd like! Every time I listen, even to the same recording, I always discover something new. 



Our ‘Animal Ancestral Line,’ (AAL) is a culmination of every single animal you & your ancestors have ever been in contact with throughout your current human lineage.

Why do we have an AAL? Because humankind wouldn't be here today if it weren’t for animals. Anthropologists have proven humans would have died off long ago if animals had evaded us for generations.

By blending human lives with the lives of animals we secured our survival to this day. Ask yourself, have you ever given thought or thanks for the animals your human ancestors have crossed paths with?

Our ancestral & epigenetic programming does not resonate with our new awareness & desire to connect with animals on a deeper, soul & consciences level. In order to have our most expressed, radically accepted, authentic relationships with animals & nature the more of our energy that operates in agreement with one another, the more steadfast & sustainable the relationship will be. 

Healing our Animal Ancestral Line supports & catalyzes our return to an ecosystem way of being, & helps to dismantle our outdates hierarchal programming. 

*updated with new Akashic Healing specifically curated to your Horse Human Ancestry*


How would life look if you and your pet(s) fully understood one another? Could you get on all fours & see the world through their eyes? We as humans have ancestral knowledge that no longer suits the way we live with animals. It is time to re purpose our way with fauna. Ask ourselves to allow them to live with us as the whole, recognized, sentient beings they are. Animals can communicate, flow & live blissfully with us & help us all ascend to a more authentic life.

Animals want to communicate with us & be integral parts of our lives. Most of our pets are deep soul family, mates, contracts, etc. We know what animals can do for us. It's time to learn what we can do for them.

I say to all my clients.... there is no such thing as a behavioral issue, only a miscommunication. 

In this course you'll have space to explore your limiting beliefs you've placed on yourself  & the animals in your life. You'll witness how these beliefs hold you all back from having a more fun, expressive life of your own co-creation. 


All is not lost... it just needs to be found

All of life communicates in frequency. There is a resonate frequency or homeostasis to all beings; the frequency when we are in most alignment, ease & harmony. When the frequency is disrupted, discord & chaos ensues. Anxiety is a frequency out of alignment. Human frequency is out of alignment with that of nature. Luckily, resonate frequency can be found again. The beauty of frequency is it desires to be at resonance, & can return with a little direction and magic!

Long, long ago, we survived

The human evolvement & timeline is one of survival. This course is not about going down the rabbit hole of history & drudging up scars & traumas of human kind. We are hear to heal the past, accept the now & lead with love to a new future. We survived, & we can now thrive. Survive is on the fear frequency. Thrive is a resonate frequency & one of love. We can find this frequency, heal, & reconnect with nature.

It doesn't have to stay this way...

Release & lean into thrive. We've survived long enough. It's time to thrive & therefore the world will thrive. Healing the micro, heals the macro. Do not discredit your individual sovereignty. This is the magic the world needs right now. Saying no to fear, & yes to love.

Implement love, & fear fades away.

Stand in sovereignty & nature can do the same.

Nature heals herself, given the opportunity. Just like us. This is your opportunity to begin to heal.


An intuitive development & deep quantum healing space for equine entrepreneurs.

For the misfits, dreamers, advocates & believers who are ready to make profound impact on Self, horse human relationships & the equine industry at large.

Heal & accept your past. 

Engage your present.

Transform your future relationship with horses & in collaboration with fellow equine entrepreneurs.

As we enter into a new phase of collaboration over competition & holistic, conscious horsemanship; its deeply supportive to spend time on your own personal awareness & building self leadership. Equestrian Witch is a magical, enchanting space available for all equine business owners to gain intuitive & psychic confidence, heal limiting beliefs, clear trauma, explore & find clarity to your personal medicine, magic & purpose with horses & so much more! 

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