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Climate Anxiety Cleanse & Alignment

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All is not lost... it just needs to be found All of life communicates in frequency. There is a resonate frequency or homeostasis to all beings; the frequency when we are in most alignment, ease and harmony. When the frequency is disrupted, discord and chaos ensues. Anxiety is a frequency out of alignment. Human frequency is out of alignment with that of nature. Luckily, resonate frequency can be found again. The beauty of frequency is it desires to be at resonance, and can return with a little direction and magic! Long, long ago, we survived The human evolvement and timeline is one of survival. This course is not about going down the rabbit hole of history and drudging up scars and traumas of human kind. We are hear to heal the past, accept the now and lead with love to a new future. We survived, and we can now thrive. Survive is on the fear frequency. Thrive is a resonate frequency and one of love. We can find this frequency, heal, and reconnect with nature. It doesn't have to be this way... Release and lean into thrive. We've survived long enough. It's time to thrive and therefore the world will thrive. Healing the micro, heals the macro. Do not discredit your individual sovereignty. This is the magic the world needs right now. Saying no to fear, and yes to love. Implement love, and fear fades away. Stand in sovereignty and nature can do the same. Nature heals herself, given the opportunity. Just like us. This is your opportunity to begin to heal.

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