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Heal Human Animal Limiting Beliefs

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Ascending Together How would life look if you and your pet(s) fully understood one another? Could you get on all fours and see the world through their eyes? We as humans have ancestral knowledge that no longer suits the way we live with animals. It is time to re purpose our way with fauna. Ask ourselves to allow them to live with us as the whole, recognized, sentient beings they are. Animals can communicate, flow and live blissfully with us and help us all ascend to a more authentic life. I created Animal Ascension to allow us humans to remove our blinders to just our own spiritual healing and ask us to grab the paw, hoof, fin or feather of the animals in our life and ask them to come along for this wild ride. Animals want to communicate with us and be integral parts of our lives. Most of our pets are deep soul family, mates, contracts, etc. We know what animals can do for us. It's time to learn what we can do for them. Having worked in the Holistic field for ten plus years I realized my path is to bring animal awareness to the human plane. Setting both animals and humans up for success by engaging with one another and the natural world around us.

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