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Akashic Adventure Academy

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Learning, exploring, engaging and creating within the infinite magic of the Akasha. Learn your dialog with the Akashic Records Explore ways to be with and in them. Engage with them in all aspects of your life. Create a vast, multidimensional awareness of desire, love, fun and bliss beyond your wildest dreams. What are the Akashic Records? Personally, I can describe them, but at their essence I don’t believe we can define them. Akashic Records; (n) an energetic portal, pathway, gateway, to your Soul history. One sentence. Endless possibilities. The more you play, learn and develop your relationship with the Records the more you’ll come to enjoy and find comfort in their infinite awareness. As humans we can get stuck on the need to know, and the need to know now. The Akashic Records remind us too, that while our physical form may “end” at our fingertips, our essence is a vast connectivity of energy, frequency, quantum space that transcends the human safety net of space and time. In the Akashic Records we are infinite, we are one. Akashic Adventure Academy is a complete digital course with everything you need to learn your Relationship with the Akasha.

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