Drop shipped apparel, drinkware & accessories to express you magic, horse loving & enchanting self.  Artwork beautifully designed by Nica Ware of Nica Draws Nature & Katy Long


She chases sunsets faster than the western winds. Her horse is more than a four legged animal beneath her. They are a unit; fluid, blurred space of where she ends, horse begins. As one they roam far and wide together seeking the magic of this Earth, and acknowledging it within themselves as well. They heal "how the west was won." Honoring ancestors of human, land and animal and conjuring to reconnect us all through the spirit and love we have for horses and their essence of freedom we are spell bound to. A WESTERN WITCH holds a flame for the past, present and future and the Wild returning to us all. 



The arena is your cauldron. Your horse(s) is a member of your Coven. The magic you brew and conjure together is enchanting to all who see. A witch cares for all of Nature. She knows in her heart she is woven into the land she so loves and cares for. An EQUESTRIAN WITCH honors and recognizes the magic in us all. And sees horses not as a spell, wand or potion. but a Witch or Wizard alongside this wild life's ride. You've been through much together and more to come. And as your magic grows and grows; there is no limit to how high you all can fly. 



We keep our head and heart in the stars and feet in the dirt. We are rooted firmly to the spine and saddle of our equine partners. We know there is more out there; we don't need proof to see the energy and frequency of love, magic, and enchantment that ripples throughout our day. There is a reason we are so innately drawn to horses and we intend to learn and purse why. We desire to help elevate the equine conscious space to our human awareness for connection, sovereignty and humbleness to Mother Earth and her creatures great and small. We don't discredit the mythical creatures horses so remind us of. Unicorns, Dragons, Mermaids, Centaurs, Fairies and more all amplify the magic and quantum expression of the majesty and mystery of horses and the love we humans have for them.   



Your horse comes first. The smell of the barn, arena, trails you ride and spend your time on with your best four legged friends enriches your soul. Horses are your true north. Your space of inspiration and passion to be conscious and conscientious of how you treat yourself and your horses. Our relationship with horses is a reflection of our inner relationship with our self. Us CONSCIOUS COWGIRLS are here to make mental health, healing, and horse first a new paradigm in the equine world. 

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Every woman has a story. A journey that has led them to where they are now. Horses are a part of your story; maybe a new part, maybe an old friend, and here they are with you. Horses have a magical connection to us all, and some of us answer this call. You're finding yourself on the doorstep of horses wondering how and why you're here. Trust that you don't need to know. Trust the horses know more than you do, and that's a good thing. So lean in. Allow and be willing to transform in grander ways than you ever imagined and enjoy the ride. 


Women don't just run with wolves. They run with horses and all flora and fauna too. Not to mention wolves also run with horses. A wild within them they don't just listen to but rekindle, nourish and allow the space to lead and be a part of her domestic self. We all are animal, human and mythical beings. We are everything and no thing. Reconnect to earth and her loving embrace. No shame here, its deeper than surface we travel to the depths of self. Brutal compassion, mystical companions, Wolf Winds seeks truth, enchantment and love.