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We observe from a birds' eye view; & primarily from the viewpoint of Animal & Land.  

If you have an animal in need, land, barn or home seeking energetic restoration, you yourself are desiring to be closer to animals & nature even if you don't have them in your life; we are here to help. 

Be you an animal sanctuary, zoo, animal rescue, farrier, equine athlete caretaker, veterinarian, rancher/farmer/homesteader, or other & are seeking support please book a consultation. 

I also can talk all day about my passions & love in person events.  If you have interest in forming a professional relationship please reach out as well!



"As many others have mentioned before, working with Elsa is NOTHING short of life changing. This woman is all heart. She is real, authentic and genuine. Our weekly sessions were the highlight of my week. To start, life with my dog has not been a walk in the park – it’s more like running through Jurassic World dodging threat after threat and never getting to enjoy the beauty the island has to offer. Elsa not only helped heal some deep-rooted wounds in both of us (holy water works), but awoke us to living a life of joy and luxury; opening us up to embracing all that it has to offer us. Originally, I contacted her to help heal his knee injury, but we got so much more than that. Bowie’s challenging behaviors have significantly changed and I learned how I can better support him.. and how to watch for him supporting me! We have a deeper connection, trust and have learned how to truly enjoy each other. There is so much we covered and accomplished during our weeks together that if I stated it all here, you’d be reading this until tomorrow. All I can say is: I am not the same person I was before this experience. So if that speaks to your Soul, do it. You will never regret the decision to work with Elsa in any capacity. She will facilitate a shift you never expected. So get ready to embrace your Wild!"


"I was completely blown away by the akashic record session Elsa performed for me and my dog Jackson. It was one of the most special and moving experiences I have had so far while experiencing this work. To learn more about Jackson, his soul purpose, and our reasons for coming together in this life deeply touched my heart. It allowed me to form a deeper connection with him than I ever thought possible and enabled me to understand his needs and behaviors on a completely different level. As a rescue dog, Jackson has a traumatic history and through Elsa he received significant emotional and physical healing. I immediately noticed improvements in his behavior and vitality following our session. Since then I have brought Jackson back to Elsa for further reiki healing and continue to see him thrive. I am so grateful for Elsa's unique ability to communicate so deeply with animals. Her gifts are so profound and beautiful to behold. Elsa's passion, commitment and reverence for helping our pets is apparent with all that she does and her power to provide healing to them is truly medicine for this world. I can't recommend Elsa enough!"


 "I have always heard of the Akashic Records but have never experienced the Akashic Records until my session with Elsa. Talking to my animal companion Akashic Records who in this lifetime is a canine named Savannah opened me up to a soul understanding of the bigger picture my life along with my animal friends and how I can live my life in a more intentional, two-way communication sort of living amongst all. Talking with Elsa during the session was speaking with an old friend that I never knew I had... simple, fun and enriching in all the ways. Learning about a specific past life with Savannah was eye-opening and made complete sense. This session resonated with my heart and soul. It was a remembering of my soul life."


"My crew and I have been participating in Coven Care since the start of it last year! It is the highlight of our week! It has been especially helpful recently while my dog has gone through major surgery and my horse has had significant change. Elsa helps keeps them balanced and provides them with support when I’m not in the space to do so. She helps us cultivate the relationships we all desire with her powerful healing and insights. Not only is Elsa an incredible intuitive, she is one of the greatest humans and it is an honor to share (virtual) space with her 3x a month. I know my critters love Coven Care too!"


"Animals Enchanted is a 5 week course that will change the way you relate and interact with the beautiful animal companions in your life. As a person who grew up with dogs and have 2 of my own, this was an eye opening experience. If you feel a close bond with your animals, Animals Enchanted takes this to another level. The healing journeys and integrations that come after are so enlightening and amazing to be part of. To meet your animals on an even level and witness them for who they really are is one of the many gifts of this container. Elsa is a brilliant guide throughout this container and truly understands the bond you and your animal have and how important it is to nourish this on every level. This container gave me a deeper connection to both of my dogs and I am forever grateful for Elsa for creating this container and giving it to the world. Give the gift of healing, understanding and emotional nourishment to yourself and your animal companions- you all deserve it."


"I am absolutely blown away in so many ways. When I first reached out to Elsa, I had no idea what the Akashic Records even were, but something drew me to her and to them, so I followed my instinct and I am SO happy I did. She guided me into the world of endless knowledge and offered me so much insight into my own life, past lives, and what I am meant to offer this world. It was profound and moving. I cannot express enough how amazing it was to have so much powerful validation for everything I have done and want to do in this life, as well as confirmation and inspiration from my soul’s journey thus far. I am so grateful to have connected with Elsa, she has so much to offer this world for both humans and animals."


"My animal intuitive course with Elsa was life changing and empowering. My relationship with my present and past dogs grew in depth and intimacy. I loved her energy work and wisdom and looked forward to our weekly sessions. But what makes a healer/teacher like Elsa really stand out from the crowd was her respect  for what I brought to the table. I grew exponentially because Elsa was interested in how I evolved between sessions...and honored my insight and wisdom. She incorporated those insights into her sessions and honored my new knowledge and understanding. I highly recommend Elsa as a teacher and intuitive."


"I am so grateful to be a part of the magical healing container that is Coven Care. Elsa has created a sacred portal for the transformation  and ascension of both animals and their humans that can only be described a powerful and transcendent healing experience. Elsa’s ability to help animals heal and thrive in connection with their humans is truly a gift for anyone bonded to their pet and looking to go deeper. My pup, Jackson, loves the magic that comes in every session and I have noticed so much improvement in his behavior and health and well-being since joining. Not to mention I get to do my own spiritual self care right along side him and the beautiful group that Elsa has brought together. Each week her potent healings are filled with so much love and reverence for all the creatures of the world that we always leave feeling more grounded and connected to earth and those around us. I highly recommend this membership for anyone with a pet!"


"I just wanted to share my gratitude for the exquisite Spirit Jewelry you crafted for me. They are simply beyond words and feel magnificent in many ways! I loved reading the accompanying messages and truly feel and see so much alignment in my journey in this lifetime and past. I am grateful for having connected with you and look forward to sharing more of those connections along the way.  You are a blessing. I so appreciate you and your work." 


"I recently worked with Elsa through her Barn Assessment and Healing container. The magic that has taken place since then has been incredible!
The first thing I noticed was one my geldings began laying down in his stall again. About six months ago he became cast in his stall. He was only stuck for about five minutes before we noticed and helped him up, but it must have been traumatic enough that he became worried about laying down again. So it was beautiful to see him feel safe enough to lay down and rest in his stall since the barn healing session.
I have also noticed when I do bodywork in the barn it’s like the work becomes supercharged somehow because the horses are changing with lightning speed  have also noticed when I do bodywork in the barn it’s like the work becomes supercharged somehow because the horses are changing with lightning speed! Last week I offered them some bodywork outside and I saw normal results. But when I did it in the barn the changes were happening incredibly fast! And the horses were asking for less. It’s been very cool!
The other big thing I noticed was how calm everyone was when our vet came a couple of weeks ago. They aren’t a huge fan of him as his energy is usually pretty frantic. But even HE was super chill and it made the entire experience so smooth, easy and, again, fast!
The barn also had many personal messages for me, which I totally wasn’t expecting. Not that I knew what to expect!
I will definitely be making this a regular check-in point with Elsa for all of us. Especially because we work with clients on our property. The barn also had many personal messages for me, which I totally wasn’t expecting. Not that I knew what to expect!
I will definitely be making this a regular check-in point with Elsa for all of us. Especially because we work with clients on our property.
I highly recommend Elsa’s Barn Healing and Assessment service for anyone who owns their own facility. It’s been a beautiful experience for us!"


"Working with Elsa and the Wolf Winds crew has been nothing short of magical.  In both Coven Care and Animals Enchanted I have found an abundance of joy and gratitude in knowing that my animals are seen, heard, and cared for not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  The weaving of our interconnected paths is brought to the forefront in the Wolf Wind community.  This interconnection paves the way for ongoing curiosity and integration (animal and human) of our growth and learning.  There is always deepening support of our whole selves (not just the most obvious) coupled with a deepening claim of sovereignty, self care and self-responsibility for myself and my animal companions.  Elsa knows magic and she honestly and courageously delivers her gift in partnership with her animal crew in fearless and powerful ways.  I am grateful to have found an awesome, fun, and powerfully magical community in Wolf Winds!  It’s nice to have magic remembered!"


On Healing Horse Human Ancestry

"Everything just feels easier. There is more flow. I've let go of a lot of guild & baggage so our relationships feel freer, more expansive. And I feel a deep inner knowing that the past is healed & we are creating the most beautiful present & future for ourselves & the entire horse-human collective. I see so much more potential on the horizon for us all than I could have ever possibly imagined before. "


"I signed up for Elsa's Akashic Records Quantum Healing & Land Clearing to understand more about my connection to animals & to look into a pattern that kept repeating of animals entering & dying on my property. 

Elsa not only introduced me to my spirit animals, identified & healed past lives, but was spot on with her card pulls on what was currently going on in my life. She read my Records & helped me connect with my intuition & encouraged me to dream big! 

She also identified the cause of the problem with my land & healed it with follow up suggestions on how I could honor the land as well. Since then, I haven't noticed any dead animals on my property & feel so much better energy on our property that can be honored & enjoyed by my family.  

Elsa has a serious gift & such a loving personality- just being in her energy is such a treat! I truly enjoyed my time with her & wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for some clarity in their life & also wants to connect more deeply with animals & the role they play in our lives"


"Dearest Elsa, I have enjoyed out sessions immensely. Knowing more about my past lives with Joe has given me such insight & understanding. The healing you orchestrated for both Joe & myself have already made a difference in our relationship & in our personal well being. I am excited to see where we go with our relationship once everything is integrated. You are so knowledgeable & have a beautiful mission. I love that you are raising awareness around the needs of the animal kingdom through your work. Blessed Be."


"I felt drawn to working with Elsa out of curiosity. Though I deeply love my dog; I am one of those pet owners who is tired of spending so much money on her! I had heard from a friend that the healing work Elsa did was just as much for you as it was for your pet--- and that's exactly what I experienced. 

My session with Elsa illuminated so much for me in terms of my connection to my dog as well as her role in my life. It was a beautiful healing experience for us both. I learned about our past lives together (we were sisters in one of them!) And learned how to better relate to & care for her. My dog has lived with digestive issues since she was a puppy, & Elsa did a healing & offered tangible actions for me to take to continue to healthy care.

Elsa also jumped to the literal rescue when my friend's cat went missing. Within two hours of reaching out to Elsa, sweet Lucky Toes made his return home safely. Elsa's work with animals, the earth & humans is incredibly sacred & valuable. Her energy is warm & humble. 

I'd highly recommend booking a session of you're looking to build a deeper connection & understanding of your pet, or if your pet has any health needs!" 


On Akashic Adventure Academy

"This course is truly an adventure with the Akashic Records! Elsa introduces you to them in a way that's supportive, but not that you have to strictly have a relationship with the Records in the way she does. It's so encouraging, and has allowed me to be creative with when to go into my Records and also what to ask them.

Elsa brings the fun with the Records! Her teaching methods are engaging, meaningful and impactful as I have fun when learning from her, I feel heard when speaking with her, and I can build on my Akashic experiences/skills with her guidance easily. 

You can never learn enough about the Records, and Elsa is great at explaining their endless uses. Akashic Records aren't only for healing, they are for creating and deep learning, and so much more. Recently, I sat in my Records and overhauled my website. The outcome was a website that flows and truly carries the energy of my soul's purpose, which my audience can read and connect with. 

Elsa is great at supporting people who are new to the Akashic Records. She holds a space that is fun, inviting, and confidence building, no matter where you are on your journey."


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