I'm here to "MC," be a voice, bridge whatever you want to call it for animal human harmony and healing.  

If you have an animal in need, land, barn or home seeking energetic restoration, you yourself are desiring to be closer to animals and nature even if you don't have them in your life; I am here to help. 

Be you an animal sanctuary, zoo, animal rescue, farrier, equine athlete caretaker, veterinarian, rancher/farmer/homesteader, or other and are seeking support please book a consultation. 

I also can talk all day about my passions and love in person events. If you have interest in forming a professional relationship please reach out as well!

  • Discover your options for animal and spiritual healing.

  • 2x/month Healing for magic, fun, consistency, connection & enchantment


    44 US dollars

Animal Ascension Digital Portals

Humans and animals have a sacred bond to help one another on this life journey. Our souls all know what it is like to be both animal and human, don’t think humans are a step above animals. These foundational courses leads to a blissful human animal relationship which alchemize that the foundation is a circle, oval, or better yet, an infinity symbol. There is no hierarchy, there is no ladder, we are one. Deeply connected, rooted into this universe and are here to ascend together both human and animal, to make a more authentic, pure life for us all and the planet we inhabit.

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