What are the Akashic Records?

You’ll hear the Records defined and described numerous ways, and by the time you begin to develop a relationship with them yourself you’ll too have your own way of describing/defining them. 

Personally, I can describe them, but at their essence I don’t believe we can define them. There is a car commercial and a line in it is “why does ambiguous have only one definition?” I laugh every time I hear that because it reminds me of the Records, and to be honest most of life. Ambiguous, infinite, yet if you so choose, can reduce to a single definition. 

Akashic Records; (n) an energetic portal, pathway, gateway, to your Soul and its history. 

One sentence. Endless possibilities. The more you play, learn and develop your relationship with the Records the more you’ll come to enjoy and find comfort in their infinite awareness. 

As humans we can get stuck on the need to know, and the need to know now. The Akashic Records remind us too, that while our physical form may “end” at our fingertips, our essence is a vast connectivity of energy, frequency, quantum space that transcends the human safety net of space and time. In the Akashic Records we are infinite, we are one. 

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Wolf Winds Akashic Alchemy

An in depth, yet open ended digital, self paced course for you to dive into the Akasha, your Magic and gifts, and develop a confident trusting relationship with the infinite realm of the Akashic Records. 

This isn't your average sales page...

I'm not going to share why you should buy this course or how it'll change your life. I already know and believe it will. But that's for me to know and you to decide. 

Yes, I'll let you in on the fact that this is unlike any other Akashic Records course.

  • We go deep into learning, attuning and practicing the Clair senses

  • Heal your Witch Wound and other past life trauma, fears and limiting beliefs associated with using your magic and intuition

  • Heal and recalibrate your safety, love and trust frequencies

  • Flush and detoxify your chakras and meridians with Dragon Fire

  • Engage all 3 learning styles so you can get the most out of this course

  • Learn intuitive practices and applied Kinesiology techniques

  • Receive support on starting an Akashic Records business or adding it to your existing business

  • The animals of Wolf Winds offer practical guided Akashic Journeys for your to practice being in the Records without having to offer your time for free

  • If you've struggled entering the Records in the past you'll receive a custom attunement to your Akashic Records to amplify and optimize your frequencies to be available for your Magic in the Akasha.

  • And so much more! 


We are our own greatest gift. No magic we seek is greater than our own. It's time we turn inward to influence outward. By coming back to true, inner essence of radical self acceptance and love our outer world will begin to reflect the Magic within. 


Your Akashic Records are waiting for you. Are you ready to meet them?