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A space for your magic.

Your relationship with yourself, Records, flaws, perfections, gifts, shadows, tears, laughs, joys & sorrows, all of you, one long run on sentence utterly infinite, yet still not even scratching the surface of possibilities available to you at any given moment, presence be still the harmony of your existence in a moment, lasting for all of eternity.

The Akashic Records are for everyone. As the "soul & cosmic consciousness" our Records are ready & waiting for us when we are. When you're ready, you'll know it.

I was lucky enough to have Fillin literally say to me "buy the course now, I need you & I need the Records." So I bought a course, & binged it in a few hours; it was such a time warp I entered that day. I never looked back.

The Akashic Records brought me home to myself in a way no other healing or energetic modality had. I had already created deep, meaningful relationships with yoga, Reiki, oracle, animal communication, & versing with Earth spirits. The Akashic Records raised my awareness to a whole new level.

Having a "phone line" to the soul of all creation opens us up to a raw, enchanting world of connectivity, vulnerability & transcendence which quite frankly at times can make the written word feel inadequate.


The only limit to the Akashic Records is your own imagination.

Something I share often is that anytime someone suggests a parameter, restriction, limitation on any spiritual practice or really anything in life for that matter is negativity you don't need in your life.

If we all are connected & all are one, then we all have the same availabilities ready & waiting for us when we take the wool off our eyes to our own limitations we've set upon ourselves. We are everything & no thing all at once. Why set restrictions on the Cosmos inside you? Have fun, play & break all the rules, then bring the pieces along to heal & transmute their own experience so they too, can learn to color outside the lines. 


In the Academy you have lifetime access to the course, live gatherings, & any & all updates made to it as we evolve. 

Digitally you have all & more you need to gain awareness, confidence & curiosity in development of a deep relationship with the Akashic Records.

You're encouraged to do things your own way.

I offer straightforward, yet open ended curriculum to inspire your own intuition to help guide you to your own most loving, accepting, curious sense of self.  

What's more, we gather seasonally live via video call. Over five to six weeks we gather five or so times to play, practice, share, connect, ask questions, get vulnerable, & more.

All live gatherings are recorded & shared to the digital course. 

Souls have consciousness. A desire just as our human awareness does to share, be heard, explore, witnessed & loved.  

As living, incarnate Beings we have both body & soul experience. Physical & ethereal essence to who and all we are.  

The Akashic Records are a space where we can give our Soul the microphone & stage as it were. To make contact & share with our human experience what we are feeling, experiencing & knowing to be true & guiding us towards our soul missions, soul contracts, soul family, all that is meant for us & more.  

When we meet our Soul it's a Universal celebration.

I've facilitated/witnessed numerous soul retrievals, soul meetings & more where the soul & body get to meet, feel & Be together.

It's one of the most powerful journeys I've seen time & time again for those I've worked with.  

Are you ready to meet your Soul, like really meet them?

The Akashic Adventure Academy is available with all the magic for you to learn to engage with your Akashic Records, your way.

Every person has the ability to engage with the Akashic Records. Like a meditation on steroids, completely unique & customized to your divine frequencies. You can access them. For yourself and others, if you so choose. Your Soul is there waiting for you if/when you're ready.  

If we desire and decide to lead a soul aware/led, conscious, sovereign, intuitive, magical's helpful to know your Soul on a first name basis. 




Meet members

of the Academy.....

here is what the lovely Danielle of Horse First Equine Services has to share about the Akashic Adventure Academy.....

"This course is truly an adventure with the Akashic Records! Elsa introduces you to them in a way that's supportive, but not that you have to strictly have a relationship with the Records in the way she does. It's so encouraging, and has allowed me to be creative with when to go into my Records and also what to ask them.

Elsa brings the fun with the Records! Her teaching methods are engaging, meaningful and impactful as I have fun when learning from her, I feel heard when speaking with her, and I can build on my Akashic experiences/skills with her guidance easily. 

You can never learn enough about the Records, and Elsa is great at explaining their endless uses. Akashic Records aren't only for healing, they are for creating and deep learning, and so much more. Recently, I sat in my Records and overhauled my website. The outcome was a website that flows and truly carries the energy of my soul's purpose, which my audience can read and connect with. 

Elsa is great at supporting people who are new to the Akashic Records. She holds a space that is fun, inviting, and confidence building, no matter where you are on your journey."

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