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I'm Elsa, like the queen, co-creator of Wolf Winds & WWW.

I've lived among reindeer, dogs, & horses in my life thus far.  Always having loved animals I want to do more for them than just give them their best life.  I want to allow them their own voice for what their desire & expression of their best life is.  I cannot begin to describe the gifts animals have given me in just this lifetime alone.  I am doing my best to return the favor. 

I spend my days with the animals I love.  Getting on all fours; letting animals be my teachers, leaders, companions & more; seeing the world through their eyes & engaging with our own sovereign experiences.


My whole life I've been the "different one;" eye rolls, laughter at my expense, & straight up shut down by my friends, family & peers.  Trailblazing my own path & not letting any naysayers tear down the webs of dreams & hope I have for myself & this world.  I've learned a lot about discernment & who I share my gifts, time & magic with; I don't dim my light for anyone, & I no longer have to prove or over explain my beliefs.  Yes, more often than not I'm looked at like I have six heads, or am told I have my head in the clouds & am wasting my time dreaming the big dream.  I am a dreamer.  A pioneer who sees the world differently & doesn't let that stop me from creating deep connections, loving when I haven't been loved in return, & diving in head first, going all in because that is who I am & I want to support others in believing in themselves & their dreams because the more we dream, the more we create & connect to all Beings in this world.  

I finally admitted to myself I was an animal communicator in the summer of 2020 when I had moved home from Alaska & found my reindeer friends I had left behind frequently chatting with me.  It wasn't enough that I had spent the last two years running sled dogs & training reindeer, communicating with them every day.  I had to put distance between us & return to Montana, to myself, & my purpose.  I am primarily self taught.  Once I recognized this within me I remembered having communicated with animals of all kinds as a child, but never fostered it.  I am trained in Usui Reiki, Akashic Records, Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga & Horse Medicine Leadership; but my blend of it all together with my connection & communication with animals is my own craft.  


I am more animal than I am human, & intend on using this soul awareness to my advantage in this lifetime.  A core purpose of mine is to re-establish authentic, sovereign animal human relationships, vocalize & “bottle” the magic, healing & essence of animals, & guide us to a congruent, flourishing connection to nature in which humans see themselves as part of the ecosystem rather than detached from it. 


I don’t do this alone.  The dogs and horses sharing this life with me are the co-owners & co-creators of Wolf Winds.  We are a coven of misfits & witches.  Whether we have paws, hooves, or hands we are all here together to spark your inner pursuit of self.  Through Akashic Records, Reiki, Psychic Guidance, Animal Communication & more we are available to support your highest healing & well-being; whether you have paws, hooves, hands, or the land.  All are welcome!


​Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

With Love from our paws, hooves & hands

Elsa and the Coven


Get to know us better on these magical podcasts

enjoy this Spotify playlist housing all the podcasts I've had the pleasure of being on & sharing our story, magic, passions, medicine & more! 





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