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I'm Elsa, like the queen, co-creator of Wolf Winds.

I've lived among reindeer, dogs, and horses in my life thus far. Always having loved animals I want to do more for them than just give them their best life. I want to allow them their own voice for what their desire and expression of their best life is. I cannot begin to describe the gifts animals have given me in just this lifetime alone. I am doing my best to return the favor. 

I spend my days with the animals I love. Getting on all fours; letting animals be my teachers, leaders, companions and more; seeing the world through their eyes and engaging with our own sovereign experiences.


I finally admitted to myself I was an animal communicator in the summer of 2020 when I had moved home from Alaska and found my reindeer friends I had left behind frequently chatting with me. It wasn't enough that I had spent the last two years running sled dogs and training reindeer, communicating with them every day. I had to put distance between us and return to Montana, to myself, and my purpose. I am primarily self taught. Once I recognized this within me I remembered having communicated with animals of all kinds as a child, but never fostered it. I am trained in Usui Reiki, Akashic Records, Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga and Horse Medicine Leadership; but my blend of it all together with my connection and communication with animals is my own craft.  


I am more animal than I am human, and intend on using this soul awareness to my advantage in this lifetime. A core purpose of mine is to re-establish authentic, sovereign animal human relationships, vocalize and “bottle” the magic, healing and essence of animals, and guide us to a congruent, flourishing connection to nature in which humans see themselves as part of the ecosystem rather than detached from it. 


I don’t do this alone. The dogs and horses sharing this life with me are the co-owners and co-creators of Wolf Winds. We are a coven of misfits and witches. Whether we have paws, hooves, or hands we are all here together to spark your inner pursuit of self. Through Akashic Records, Reiki, Psychic Guidance, Animal Communication and more we are available to support your highest healing and well-being; whether you have paws, hooves, hands, or the land, all are welcome!


​Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

With Love from our paws, hooves and hands,

Elsa and the Coven

 I have always heard of the Akashic Records but have never experienced the Akashic Records until my session with Elsa. Talking to my animal companion Akashic Records who in this lifetime is a canine named Savannah opened me up to a soul understanding of the bigger picture my life along with my animal friends and how I can live my life in a more intentional, two-way communication sort of living amongst all. Talking with Elsa during the session was speaking with an old friend that I never knew I had... simple, fun and enriching in all the ways. Learning about a specific past life with Savannah was eye-opening and made complete sense. This session resonated with my heart and soul. It was a remembering of my soul life. 


A Scorpio soul mate I've had the blessing of sharing a birthday with this boy for 9 years. Fillin embodies the limitlessness of time. You are the only one holding yourself back, waiting for the right time. There is no right time. Divine timing, trust and aligned action won't steer you wrong. 


A Sagittarius soul sister found me 5 years ago. Her laid back personality aligns to her empowered Valkyrie self. She is a warrior and healer through and through. Asking you to look at where are you taking things to seriously and giving away your power?

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Another soul mate who taught me, it's the magic of the journey that makes the destination that much sweeter. The happiness you seek, won't be found only if/when you achieve the goal; find it first, all else follows. Skunk's Taurus magic brings forward the fun and luxury in all things great and small. 

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One of the Libra sisters, and another soul sister, is all about that mythical magic. Fantasy is only the limits of your mind according to Greyson. She knows the heart of that which all of us seek is magic, a little bit of romance and a "happy ending." Well if you want it she says, don't hold back. Embrace the mythical creatures within. 

Another Libra sister, Maze and I have deep, soul roots in the Underworld, aka, "The land of misunderstood need for love." Shadow isn't something to fear, you need to accept your shadow and rejected aspects of self in order to claim sovereignty and surrender to your magic and power. Her blue eyes bring you to your inner, loved darkness. 


A fairy princess if there ever was one and another member of our beautiful soul family. Edith is full of more wisdom, insight, and compassion than her size would have you think she is capable of holding. Her magic shows and supports you in that you can do anything calling you. No matter your circumstances, or the life you've led up to this point, you can make your life what you desire. 

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Dakota, a Silver King mustang out of Nevada and a soul brother, is the Unicorn of the Coven. He accepts highest self and nothing less. But, even on our worst days, we can be our highest selves. Its about being accepting and willing to receive the witness of your highest self and their multidimensionality. When you lead with love and generous curiosity you'll never let yourself down and make the best of friends along the way.


Ariel, a kind and gentle Quarter Horse, a soul sister, misunderstood for the first five years of her life. Rather than play into the victim, Ariel stands tall and embraces her shadow self and radically accepts all she is, in true mermaid fashion. She didn't want the life she was born into and was determined enough to find me and co-create the life she desires. Ariel will support you in achieving your dreams, and bringing your past along with you.