I'm Elsa, creator of Wolf Winds.

I've lived among reindeer, dogs, and horses for the second half of my life thus far. Always having loved animals I want to do more for them than just give them their best life. I want to give them their own voice for what their idea of their best life is.

I spend my days with the animals I love. Getting on all fours, letting animals be my teacher and seeing the world through their eyes. 

As an antlersmith, making art from antler; it is an honor to the various deer who shed their antlers every year. I create jewelry and custom woodwork to showcase the ease in which you can lead with intuitive intention in your life. I love working with my hands and creating beautiful works of wearable art! 

For all I do, nature is my inspiration. Color, texture, story all comes from my time spent in nature with animals. I've always felt most at home in the wild and hope to inspire others to see the home and magic nature offers us.