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I'm Elsa, like the queen, creator of Wolf Winds.

I've lived among reindeer, dogs, and horses for the second half of my life thus far. Always having loved animals I want to do more for them than just give them their best life. I want to give them their own voice for what their idea of their best life is. I cannot begin to describe the gifts animals have given me in this lifetime. I am doing my best to return the favor. 

I spend my days with the animals I love. Getting on all fours, letting animals be my teacher and seeing the world through their eyes.

I finally admitted to myself I was an animal communicator summer of 2020 when I had moved home from Alaska and found my reindeer friends I had left behind frequently chatting with me. It wasn't enough I had spent the last two years running sled dogs and training reindeer, communicating with them every day. I had to put distance between us and return to Montana, to myself, and my purpose. 

As an antlersmith, making art from antler; is an honor to the various deer who shed their antlers every year. I create jewelry and custom woodwork to showcase the ease in which you can invite intentionality and intuition into all aspects of your life. I love using my hands to create. Bringing to life the magic my Soul creates.

Thank you for sharing in this journey with me.

With love and antler,


 I have always heard of the Akashic Records but have never experienced the Akashic Records until my session with Elsa. Talking to my animal companion Akashic Records who in this lifetime is a canine named Savannah opened me up to a soul understanding of the bigger picture my life along with my animal friends and how I can live my life in a more intentional, two-way communication sort of living amongst all. Talking with Elsa during the session was speaking with an old friend that I never knew I had... simple, fun and enriching in all the ways. Learning about a specific past life with Savannah was eye-opening and made complete sense. This session resonated with my heart and soul. It was a remembering of my soul life.