Wolf Winds

Animal wellness and antlersmith



Animal Wellness Coaching and Fauna Witch

Fauna heals here. All animals are welcome at Wolf Winds. If you seek healing, a deeper connection, a way to give gratitude, or more there is a path to explore for your animals to live a more authentic, engaging and mindful life. Utilizing the healing magic of Reiki, Akashic Records, Light Language, animal communication and more we can create an abundant, beautiful life for your animals and you.


Handcrafted gifts from nature. Wearable art that tells a story of healing and a quest to your higher self. Antler is a high vibration material which offers energetic protection to the wearer; it is a symbol of higher consciousness.  All antler used is naturally shed or harvested with great respect and use of whole animal, along with sterling silver, copper, 14k gold, high quality gemstones, Montana deerskin leather, and feathers from local fly shops are used in creating these one of a kind pieces. 


"Elsa is a talened and insightful healer. Elsa's gift to this world, is her ability to guide and translate other worldly elements to us in this physical realm. I am deeply grateful to the clarity and peace her gifts have brought me and my journey."

Caroline K.

"Weasel, one of my skijoring sled dogs was not feeling herself and Elsa helped her with Reiki. She was not wanting to come when called and had been bolting away dangerously when she never had before and seemed emotionally unsettled. We had some new dogs join the pack and they needed more attention and Weasel was not handling the increased stress well. When Elsa was done with her treatment Weasel was very relaxed, licking her lips and came when called off leash again. I am very happy with what Elsa did for Weasel.

Nina R.


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