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two sides of the same coin....

A brain has two hemispheres, prey has predator, yin has yang, science has magic, creativity has logic....

Wolf Winds has A Little Western. A Little Witchy. A Lot a Wild. 

About fifteen years ago I came up with the name Wolf Winds while daydreaming during a class in high school. The entire vision of my one day 'wellness outfit' came in its then entirety. Over the past fifteen years the vision has evolved along with me; but the desire to offer a safe space for all to heal, grieve, learn, reconnect to nature, return to being & oneness still stands, as does the name. 

Wolf Winds evokes a sense of freedom, strength, determination, courage, protection & awe.

Wolves are one of the most recognized predators in the world. They cover near every continent & are a keystone species in most environments; meaning without their presence the ecosystem suffers & becomes out of alignment.  

Wind, one of the four elements is a constant bearer of change. Literally, "the winds of change" is a well known saying. As treacherous as the wind can be at times, sometimes necessary to shake loose that which we've held on too tightly & is no longer meant for us.

We all need some Wolf & Wind in our lives. We all need to acknowledge the Wolf & Wind within ourselves. To not fight or reject our natural predator spirit or the wild wind swirling with fluid change. 

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A creative outlet for Wolf Winds.

A space to express the divine in all things great & small.


We are all artists & creatives; in need of connection, community, inspiration, processing the turbulent experience of being incarnate, A Little Western. A Little Witchy. A Lot a Wild is a safe haven for us all.

In winter of 2022, fifteen years after the conception of Wolf Winds, I found myself in a downward spiral of health & clarity of my direction in life. My creative side & voice (aka, sacral & throat chakras) wanted to help.


Bespoke, one of a kind, unique wearable art & a Podcast WWW is available to engage all aspects of self & reconnect to animals, land & nature. 


Western, Witchy & Wild are all very close to me & have shaped who I am in more ways than I even realize. There too, are deep wounds & traumas within these realms & I seek to acknowledge, create connection & healing for all to embody more integrity, authenticity, sovereignty & love. 

Flora, fauna, nature, magic & reconnecting to nature is our core here... I'm Elsa, guardian & co-creator of Wolf Winds & WWW.

In collaboration with huskies, horses, ancient reverent connection to nature & the Cosmos we at Wolf Winds & WWW offer inspiration to inspire you to dive beyond human awareness & limitations of what it means to live a soul led, intentional life. 

Utilizing the Akashic Records, Animal Communication, Horse Medicine Leadership, Prey/Predator embodiment, numerous healing modalities and more! We have so much space, compassion, wild, & love to witness you returning to nature & yourself as a part of the ecosystem of Earth & Cosmos. 

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Horses & Huskies.....

I've always loved huskies. If I was a dog, I'd definitely be an Alaskan Husky or husky mix. Their drive, athleticism, bond, work ethic & ancient reverence to wolves all are aspects of huskies I connect with & appreciate deeply.

Horses have always called to me. Since I was a child horses & large animals for that matter held a steady place in my heart. The wisdom both animals hold is remarkable when witnessed in collaboration. So often we regard equine & canine healing modalities as separate entities. Here at Wolf Winds & WWW we let the horses & huskies, prey & predator come together to share, heal, witness, collaborate & play together. 


These animals have been alongside humans for thousands of years. We have reached a point now in our collective humanity awareness of animal human relationships are more than hierarchal, dominant & codependent based.

It is quite common knowledge that horses & huskies offer deep opportunities for healing; there are entire industries based on partnering with horses & dogs to facilitate healing for humans (Wolf Winds & WWW fall into this industry.) And yet, we are ready for more. More healing for all, more listening to all, more opportunities for all.


As we reach this precipice of a new paradigm of animal human relationship, horsemanship, life as we know it..... animals are both offering us their wisdom, depth & magic for humans to receive....& they are also asking for the same healing, transformative opportunities we are offering ourselves. 


The ways of the past would receive as much as we can & more from animals. The way of the future is reciprocal. Where opportunity for growth, healing, learning, transmuting & self awareness are available & witnessed for all: animals, land & humans.  These opportunities are also made available in sovereignty, in devotion to respecting the choice animals have to engage in a healing space. 


If you find yourself here, we welcome you. We have all sorts of places & spaces within both Wolf Winds & WWW which can offer you deeper awareness of yourself, nature, animals & the Cosmos. 

In Wolf Winds you'll find:

  • Grounded, energetic & nervous system based healing modalities available for animals, land & humans

  • Equine relationship building techniques

  • Horse Medicine Leadership

  • Digital courses to reconnect to Nature

  • Clinics, workshops, events & more!

In A Little Western. A Little Witchy. A Lot a Wild. you'll find:

  • One of a kind wearable art

    • Hat bands, wild rags, bandanas, antler jewelry​

  • Magical branded merchandise

  • Podcast

  • Retreats, sacred circles, events & more!

We hope & trust you'll find magic, knowledge, challenged perspective, transformation, clarity & more here. If you're interested in collaborating or connecting please don't hesitate to reach out & introduce yourself. 

If you'd like support with something in particular & don't see it offered on the site you're more than welcome to inquire. I wear a lot of hats & don't share it all on here. (i.e. animal end of life ceremony, home/barn/trailer/land clearing, hair/makeup for photoshoots, yoga teacher, house sitting, etc.) 

You'll find your Wild here.

Reconnect to the depths of your inner & outermost relationships with self, animals & nature.

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